Selfridges is undergoing a major refurbishment and renovation programme which is the biggest ever financial investment for a single project by a department store, anywhere in the world. Scudder Demolition’s works will bring significant logistical benefits to store operations, in addition to an enhanced customer experience.

Scudder will create a new entrance way for large vehicle deliveries and provide access and egress routes via two new access ramps and a tunnel between Selfridges’ existing store and the recently purchased Nations House.

Demolition works involve the removal of a concrete slab, walls, columns and a mezzanine floor, as well as soft stripping. The contract also requires Scudder to develop the temporary support design and deliver the enabling works.

Selfridges is one of the world's busiest and most prestigious department stores, and Scudder’s extensive experience in working within live environments has been crucial in preventing disruption to the retail environment.

To ensure smooth operations are maintained, Scudder has examined every part of the programme methodology, carefully planning and maintaining absolute control over all aspects of the project, including the use of ‘saw and lift’ techniques to minimise noise and vibration levels within the building.

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