After Sales Support

Careys New Homes is dedicated to providing our customers with a quality new home and the very best possible service, making your buying experience our main priority. Our Customer Care team is responsible for dealing with any after sales issues which may occur.

Although every effort is made to ensure the new home is completed to the highest standard we are aware that errors occur. It is our policy to deal with any outstanding issues as a matter of urgency and with minimum disruption and inconvenience to you. Between the sales and Customer Care team there is always someone on hand who will be there to assist in any matters that may arise. We continue to deal with any construction defects for the first two years of occupation.

Should you become aware of any defects after you have moved in they will need to be classified in the following manner:

1. Urgent – Heating failure/leak/electrical failure

2. Problem – Door locks and other items that are not an emergency

3. Minor – Doors needing easing, nail pops and other cosmetic items

In the event of a Category 1 Urgent defect, please contact the numbers listed below.

For Category 2 Problem defects that cause major inconvenience, you can report the incident to the sales office, if they are still on site, who will register your issue and forward it on to the relevant parties. If there is no sales office on site, contact the Customer Care team directly in writing or e-mail and they will arrange for a member of our Customer Care team to visit at the earliest available opportunity.

For Category 3 Minor defects, Careys New Homes will address these at a mutually beneficial time. Minor items are as described in your NHBC handbook and do not include minor shrinkage or cracks.

In the event of an emergency arising between Monday and Thursday 09:00am to 5:30pm and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm please contact our Customer Care Team for assistance:

Tel: 020 8900 0221 or 0800 0234 101 Email:

Alternatively you can report a defect using the form below:

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