Careys Building and Civil Engineering was appointed as main contractor and PSCS for this social housing scheme contract which is located in Ballymun, Dublin by Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. The scope of works was the construction of 73 new dwellings, the upgrade of 60 existing private and public courtyard areas and completion of the necessary adjoining infrastructure, service/utilities and landscaping works.

The works also involved the realignment and upgrade of existing estate roads and of Balbutcher Lane South, and completion of associated service diversions and hard and soft landscaping. A detailed TM plan was agreed with Dublin City Council in order to carry out the works. Temporary road and lane closures were required whilst always maintaining access for existing residents and emergency services.

The health and safety of the residents in the existing houses around which the Poppintree 3 development was planned was a major consideration for the site team. To facilitate this, there was regular communication and consultation between all relevant parties in the form of resident forum meetings and continual briefings to the client and residents. Much of the enhancement work involved the logistical problem of maintaining the existing older services whilst performing the new connections. All residents were constantly updated on all scheduled service works in advance. The works included a substantial amount of hard and soft landscaping carried out to both public and private areas. We delivered a safe working environment to all parties and a quality product on behalf of our client BRL.

The success of the project was down to thorough pre-construction and construction phase planning, and to our respect and consideration for those residents on the periphery of our construction activities.

Ballymun Regeneration Ltd
Republic of Ireland

Head Office

Carey House
Co. Dublin