Bjourn is an accomplished Civil Engineer and Project Manager and as Operations Director was part of the Scottish regional team who oversaw a period of exponential growth in recent years.

In 2017, he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for the UK North Region of CCE which stretches from Milton Keynes to the Shetland Islands.

In this role, Bjourn has overall responsibility for the management and reporting of all pre and post-contract activities as well as leading all operational and support team resources. He drives business improvement and is responsible for the implementation of all operational strategies and standards.

Bjourn is passionate about ensuring that all staff have a safe, supportive and empowering working environment.

Bjourn Bigley


Our culture is based on consistently showing honesty, integrity and loyalty to our clients and to our employees. These family values are at the heart of everything that we do.

At Careys, we believe that we have the most creative, innovative and determined employees in the industry, and I consider it a privilege to be tasked with nurturing and harnessing their ideas.

It is my duty to empower our teams and to make them feel motivated and supported. To me, it’s important to champion team spirit and individual honesty. I make sure that people feel valued within their roles and that we provide mentoring and support to people. We are a business that puts health and safety before profit margins and client satisfaction and quality before turnover, and it’s an honour to be a part of it.

The ‘Carey Way’ starts with aligning ourselves with clients who we share similar values with.

Our clients are therefore passionate about health and safety and quality, which means that we share a common goal. From the very inception of a project, we work closely with our clients to evaluate and manage all challenges and risks. Our work winning team, design team, digital engineers and planners become immersed in the project and we ensure that we come up with the most safe and economic solution for our clients.

Once we have established that relationship, every subsequent project is an opportunity to develop and strengthen this and build greater trust.

It is this trust that naturally leads to better value for all concerned, as our clients trust our approach, our opinion, our advice and our methodology. This is the key to a successful project.

I am proud of every minute of every project that we complete safely.

Choosing just one is therefore understandably difficult and we have had so many exciting and challenging projects over the years. A recent example is the V&A Museum in Dundee. It was a unique, technically challenging project that was designed by a world-renowned architect and it is now the pinnacle building of the transformation of the Dundee waterfront.

The curved external walls were really complex and challenging and without the technological and digital advances in the construction sector over the last decade, this project would have been impossible to build. It is a real credit to our team that we were able to deliver this iconic project on budget, on programme and sending everyone home safe every day.

It is the most complex structure we have ever constructed and is a testament to the capabilities and dedication of our people.

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